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CruiserMaxx Seed Treatment fights against damage from certain insects, seedborne diseases, and seedling diseases on legume vegetables, including soybeans. Our client needed an interactive augmented reality (AR) web app to facilitate their marketing campaign.

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Business value

The original idea was to develop an augmented reality solution that could be used during industry events. The pandemic situation changed these initial plans.

Our client decided the application would be used to boost their marketing campaigns. They planned to run an internet campaign with a QR code that would transfer users to the AR web app.

The goal was to show potential customers the positive impact of using the CruiserMaxx Seed Treatment in an interactive and engaging way.

CruiserMaxx app - welcome screen
CruiserMaxx app
CruiserMaxx 3


As a web-based augmented reality project, the application had to be optimized to work on different browsers and operating systems. We also put a lot of effort into ensuring that the interactive elements and 3D animations perform well on almost any hardware.

Furthermore, our goal was to create a QR code that would be an AR marker at the same time. We had to make sure it would work smoothly when printed on chalk paper and in different lighting conditions.

Process and project scope


We developed this AR web app from scratch. Our Art Team created 3D models and animations, one of our UX/UI specialists implemented the client’s UI design and our programmers set up the application and its AR functions.


CruiserMaxx provided us with a detailed storyboard which helped us understand their idea. We kept in touch during all stages of development. Working together was a pleasure!

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

Technology stack

For this project, we used the Three.js framework for development. The AR web app was created for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and could be operated both on Android and iOS.

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