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Pay a visit to a virtual building and explore it with our AR visualization








3D modeling



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Beyond imagination

The creation of architectural objects or development investments has a similar pattern for years: the concept is created in the architect’s head, sketches are created, plans are later, drawings with visualizations may take place. Modern graphics programs have allowed presenting the object in 3d … and now VR technology appears.

What’s changing? We put on glasses and we can walk around the facility, which exists only on the plans! It’s a revolution. Thanks to AR visualizations we can make a hyper-realistic building, furnish it, change details, change weather conditions or time of day. That was the challenge that the client set us against.

Process and project scope

AR visualization: Visit a non-existent object

Business value

Pay a visit to a virtual building and explore it with our AR visualization

Now our client have the opportinity to use AR technology to display their objects in real space (for example in the place of the planned investment). Thanks to the smartphone camera, any investor can see a life-size visualization anytime, anywhere. 


  • provides possibilities that were previously beyond the scope of our imagination, namely, paying a visit to a non-existent object,

  • gives a detailed access to an AR visualization of architectural object before its construction and enables its arrangement and modifications according to the client’s needs and expectations,

  • makes the improvement to the aesthetic aspect of the building feasible, and moreover, all the modifications are possible before the construction starts, thus it might contribute to the cost lowering as well as time-saving.

Technology stack

Amazing technology stack

The AR visualization app was prepared in the Unity 3D engine. The first part of the AR was based on Vuforia, the second part was prepared for portable devices. It was particularly important, because we had access to two application modules using one mobile device. The models had to be adapted to the capabilities of these devices and were prepared in 3ds Max.

Visual results gallery
Visual results video

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