Solution for companies, which need remote communication and forwarding expert’s instructions. An AR remote support application allows audio and video connection of two people in different locations, where both users can see the same image in real-time. Technicians, service technicians, or experts guide the other by using arrows and drawing information by overlapping the live stream with instructions.

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Business value

AR remote support application for technicians

The application is used to connect with another user (audio-video connection), share his image from the camera, and draw holograms on this image. The best utilization of the application is most likely remote support of a specialist/service technician in helping diagnose and solve simple problems with machines, equipment, or household appliances.

Our client’s main business goal was to monetize his idea. Thanks to the preparation of the appropriate application environment, as well as additional aspects, the customer earns by selling a package of minutes for using the application – minute bundles (for the usage).

Most significant benefits of the AR remote support app:

  • Financial savings. Reduction of travel costs by up to 70%. The technical advisor does not have to go to the customer’s premises, he can provide instructions remotely. Thanks to the quick response of operators through the application, as much as 30% of machines and defects do not generate downtime and losses!
  • Time savings. Shortening the response time and task completion by up to 60%.
  • Avoiding mistakes. The possibility of remote control and operation of devices. Thanks to the combination of audio and video, the risk of mistakes is significantly reduced.
  • Image of an innovative company. Not everyone is aware of the fact that in the event of a hardware failure, you can remotely support the user in the repair or settings!

We get full ROI after 21 minutes and 30 seconds

Using AR you can get full ROI after 21 minutes and 30 seconds – at least we had it at Struers using AR4Vision solution.
This maybe sounds crazy – but I have calculated – instead of traveling to customer ca 700km one way, and staying at the hotel overall cost would be ca 230-250€ – using AR4Vision it took me 40 minutes on the phone (and you need an only phone) – and that cost us 10€ (but you need to buy a package of “minutes” for 120€) – so – calculating – after 21 minutes, 30 seconds we got back all investment and we started to earn on every next service case! Strongly suggested, especially in COVID blockage times.

Paweł Kotelon

Country Manager at Struers



Building a wide functionality of the AR remote support tool

The biggest challenge was to configure and synchronize the tools in a way that would achieve a compromise between performance, functional requirements and limitations imposed by the use of ready-made, existing solutions.

Such situations show that it is worth working with an experienced team. Such a team will find the best solution for the client, even in the face of difficulties. Moreover, the project will be completed on time.


Process and project scope



The scope of work was quite wide and covered various aspects of the application’s operation.

  • Enabling the audio-video connection for 2 users with tools in the form of drawn holograms.
  • Monitoring and management of users’ sessions (limiting its duration in relation to the client’s hourly split).
  • Sale of minute packages enabling the audio-video connection.


At the beginning of our work, we were looking for the most suitable infrastructure solutions that would enable scaling the project in the future. We have prepared proposals for solutions for managing user subscriptions, presenting statistics of video calls made by users, and integrating the system with the payment system.

We designed the UI for the mobile application, created the application and the administration panel. Application development was also on our side. We published it on Google Play and App Store.


Contact with the client was regular and systematic, we talked every 2 weeks while planning subsequent iterations on the project. We used the Scrum methodology, setting several milestones. In addition, the team was available to the client also during the iteration, if necessary.

Technology stack

AR remote support: something more than just an application

We used Unity, Firebase, Drupal, and Agora to create the application.

It works on mobile devices with Android and iOS. The application can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.


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