NEXREF Technologies is a new breed of digital agency for brands. As pioneers in Augmented Reality (AR), they deliver AR experiences to help clients connect and engage with fans and consumers. NEXREF brings brands to life by delivering immersive, AR experiences to fans around the world.

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ARkit / ARCore White label

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Business value

Nothing is impossible!

With the solution delivered the client was able to offer his content creation services to many clients without the hassle of creating an app from scratch and custom programming AR experiences. NEXREF could be very flexible as they were able to offer to extend their client’s existing app or create a new white-label one without incurring significant costs.


White Label solution for brands

4Experience was asked to deliver a full set of solutions that would enable Nexref’s clients to create and manage their own mobile applications that would include AR base campaigns. The project required both the web backend as well as a set of native mobile SDK’s along with a white-label application.


Process and project scope



We used Android, iOS, PHP, Angular 2.0 and AWS to build the platform. After a successful implementation, the customer decided to continue to use our services. We have become part of an international team, delivering the best solutions to meet clients’ needs. We still work together.


The plug-and-play AR app supports brands, teams and celebrities in their fan communities. The client defines AR campaigns in a CMS backend app and delivers them to the fans as a transparent video displayed over an image-based AR marker. The solution can be deployed in two ways – as a native iOS/Android library or a custom-tailored white-label application.

Technology stack

The software was created for Android and iOS.

During the development process, we used PHP, Angular 2.0 and AWS.


Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

Visual results video

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