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The customer is an international toy manufacturer who supports his promotional activities by adding mobile applications related to his products. Thanks to our AR pet app he could present his offer to the youngest customers anytime, anywhere.




Toy manufactures


3D Modeling Animations


ARKit / ARCore Unity 3D

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Create your own digital pet and have a fun together!

Client wanted an augmented reality Tamagotchi. The customer follows various technological innovations and decided that thanks to ARKit or ARCore framework it is possible to create a digital pet. You can call your AR pet with your smartphone and let him explore the places where you are.

Process and project scope

Improved user satisfaction in taking care of AR pet

Business value

The AR app provides engaging tool for having your pet everywhere with you

Our innovative solution helps in building a competitive advantage on the market. Thanks to the AR application, the client received an unmatched promotional tool for his main business, very engaging and easy to use.

Simply let your customer direct their mobile device to the chosen place and let pet of their choice wander around the area. Thanks to ARKit or ARCore framework they can take their digital friend anywhere! As in real Tamagochi game, they also have to take care of pet by providing food and entertainment to them. 

This AR pet application can very easily become a freemium product, where we can buy additional accessories. 

Technology stack

Augmented reality is a term for technology that allows you to connect the real-world environment with the elements (sounds, videos, graphics or GPS data) generated by the computer. The assumption is that all digital elements should be interactive in real time and placed in 3D space. ARKit allows you to easily create unrivaled augmented reality experiences for your iPhone and iPad. By intelligently recognizing space, it allows you to combine digital objects and the real environment around you in completely new ways.

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