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Carrefour is a French chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets. It operates in 34 countries on four continents. The first store was built at the intersection of five streets and hence the name Carrefour – which means “crossroads” in French.







AR App


Unity 3D



Present a year’s worth of work

The client needed an AR marketing application that would summarize Carrefour’s past year in Poland in a unique way. It was to be something more durable than paper, as well as handy and easy to access any time. One of the key points was that the application’s user interface was to interact with a printed report.

The challenge was to optimize the media for the application to run smoothly without loss of quality. One of the assumptions was that the application was to be downloaded only once and then used without the need for an Internet connection. Of course, another solution would be to place the entire multimedia content on an external server, but in such a case users would have to access the Internet when using the AR marketing app. That is why we were asked that all the materials be already part of it.

Process and project scope

A twelve months’ story told with twenty images and AR

Business value

Success needs an appropriate setting

This is but one of the exciting and innovative ways to present all kinds of data that augmented reality applications offer. In addition, such apps present the client as an innovator and leader. After all, success needs to be manifested in the right way.

Technology stack

Responsiveness – one of the tricks of the trade

This is mainly an AR marketing application featuring several custom, interactive objects, such as a timeline or a photo gallery. All the objects are responsive and work on both iOS and Android systems. The app was developed using the Unity 3D engine based on Vuforia.

Visual results video

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