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Our client wanted us to develop a tablet-oriented, marker-based AR interactive map of Ashdod city. Thanks to AR interactive map everyone can learn interesting facts about the city, exploring its true potential as an investor, tourist, or resident. The application can be used as an event app, as well as an interactive tour guide.

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AR interactive map




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Business value

AR interactive map

Use a map as a marker and display main city innovations

Such an innovative tool is the perfect way to showcase the newest investments, presenting the city from a completely different, young-oriented perspective. It can be used as an event application, as well as an interactive tour guide.

What’s important, the city’s tempting offer is available 24/7 – all you need to have is an Android tablet with the app installed. A map, easy to print and download, can be found on the client’s website or directly at the city’s promotional stand. Keeping visitors in the know about important events and unique going-ons around them has never been easier!

There is also an opportunity for further updates, including new interactive points on the city map, as well as additional graphics, animations, or movies.


Reach City Innovations – augmented reality city tour

Whether you’re promoting a city, state, or country, you know your destination has a lot to offer visitors. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to target the desired audience without a significant increase in the city’s promotional budget. Plus, there are always at least a few nearby cities that wish to attract some crowd as well.

One of the best ways to differentiate your message from that of your competitors is by highlighting the things that are new and exciting in your area. Urban innovations are a great start. They’re happening on a daily basis. They can also help with gathering new tourists or clients, who are always keen on new events and exploring the city itself.

Our client reached out to us with his own unique idea to grab people’s attention by displaying the main attractions of the chosen city in AR. He wanted us to develop a tablet-oriented, marker-based AR interactive map of Ashdod city.


Process and project scope



After scanning the marker, users can explore an AR interactive map with many additional functionalities. They can click on seven key points and learn useful facts from animations, films and descriptions included. Each point represents some innovations introduced in Ashdod city, indicating its future potential.


We prepared interactive content (such as animations, descriptions, or map display mode) and connect it with a marker provided by the client. The AR interactive map is tablet-focused and easy to use. It had to be optimized to work well on low-end hardware.


We’ve been working with the client on a daily basis, updating the progress via regular Skype calls. The client provided us with a map (which was used as a marker) as well as some graphic and video materials.

Technology stack

AR Interactive Map

The AR interactive map app was developed in Unity. It was designed specifically for Android devices.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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