Camel is a well-recognized American cigarette brand. Camel cigarettes contain a blend of Turkish and Virginia tobaccos. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the city where the company was founded is called “Camel City” because of the popularity of the brand.

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AR game development

3D modeling



Unity 3D



Up-to-date marketing

The client needed advertising for the new packaging and graphic design of their products sold on the Egyptian market. The AR Camel game was to be designed for product ambassadors equipped with tablets, operating e.g. at newsstands.

Process and project scope


The second part of the application is a game for two people, played on an iPad in a split-screen configuration, which is still rare. Each player gets their own table, just as they get the same configuration. On the table there are blocks (lighter and heavier), which are brushed with a ball, making a swipe gesture. The aim of the game is to unveil the company’s mascot. The first to do this wins and the mascot becomes an animated 3D model.


As with any product presentation, quality is of the essence. Additionally, in order for our AR Camel game (informing users about the new product) to be remembered, a certain “wow” effect was needed.

Our work was carried out in weekly sprints so that the customer could regularly test the application builds and inform us whether both quality and UX meet their expectations. On the basis of the information received from the client, we made all the improvements that were possible to implement.


We operated on the basis of a design doc that had previously been accepted by the client. He described the so-called “user stories”, i.e. features that users, as potential customers, would like to have in the application in order for it to fulfill its role.


Modern trends in the implementation of 360 marketing would not be possible without digital tools. Mobile applications – like our AR Camel game – can be installed and used directly on users’ devices, which is considered a very important element of such strategies.


AR Camel game is a two-part application. The first part is informative – recognizing the packaging of a product lying on the table as a marker. When the iPad camera hits the packaging, it is recognized and its surface is covered with an animated company mascot.

The packaging, therefore, acts as a marker on which the AR content is displayed (here: the customer supplied an animated mascot). When you click on a mascot, its thumbnails jump out of the mascot, change color, and a wealth of additional product information appears around it.


Business value

Camel campaign

Innovative marketing campaigns are a big challenge, but they provide additional forms of promotion that traditional forms do not allow. However, the consumer profile is changing and we need to reach for new forms in order to respond to the requirements of the market.


  • Anyone can take the application home on their phone.
  • The gamification effect results in positive associations with a brand or a product, and it also allows for much longer contact between the customer and the product.
  • It is worth letting ourselves known as a company that is not afraid of modern solutions.

Technology stack

The application was developed using the Unity 3D engine. We used our standard tools for creating 3D models and animations. We also put a strong empahsis on user experience and gamification.


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