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Our client is one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations in the world. They are pioneers in technology as well as a major humanitarian agent in the fight to tackle varying world health issues. The AR Brochure is an informational augmented reality app we have prepared for their European division.







Mobile app





Highly informational and...interactive

Our client needed a multilingual application that provides information about their current technological capabilities, the scope of their actions and vision for the future. This app should be able to give its users a deeper understanding of their structure, plans, and goals while being informative and educational. As Pharmacy is noted to be one of the largest industries in the world, it is not hard to imagine having a global endeavor clashing against massive humanitarian challenges. Hence, the AR Brochure needed to be both specific in content and global in reach.

But this is not all, another challenge involved was making the important subject matter an attractive and accessible as possible to a wider range of people, many of whom are not yet involved in it.

Process and project scope

A video is worth a thousand words

Business value

Overcoming language barriers

Users can swap between available languages at any time while the application adapts to their choice changing versions of videos and descriptions accordingly. The client has full control over the video content so that they can change and update it in the future, within the scope of the product, as they see fit. The optimal results in streaming functionality were achieved by using a back-end solution provided by the client combined with video formatting done by us.

Development of AR Brochure can be seen as another step towards a general-purpose type of application that can be easily modified and adjusted for different cases in a variety of different industries. Since it gives the end-user a more in-depth view of what the creators are trying to pass across, it is seen as not just a tool for explanations but one that can enable exploration of concepts and ideas.

Technology stack

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