A post-apocalyptic 3D scenery

With a collection of hundreds of thousands of visuals, our Client’s goal is to help their clients find the right images for their projects. They work with specific kind of creative people - such as book publishers, record labels, advertising, and design agencies or magazine publishers.

They reached out to us, challenging our team with creating 3D scenery of the post-apocalyptic world.




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Judge a piece (of art) by its cover

Thousands of new creative works are being launched in the market every day. A freshly written book. Or an album, full of amazing tracks, which could be the genre’s next blockbuster. But how to draw attention to our piece?

As the competition in the creative market increases with time, so does the importance of a cover. It is basically introducing the piece to its potential audience, as we are automatically drawn towards visually pleasant things.

The poor quality cover can confuse consumers or put them off reading the book/ buying the track. The Audience is most likely to notice cheap Photoshop, low-resolution picture or amateur drawings. What’s more, even the coolest cover design can be ruined with bad quality images. The final thought they would have is, the bad on the outside equals even worse in the inside.

That’s why the creatives seek help from professional agencies, which specializes in visuals. For some request such agencies can outsource the work to other companies, ordering them to prepare specific 3D scenery -as our client asked us to.

Process and project scope

An interactive 3D scenery: generate any picture you want

Business value

The more, the better

A great cover makes the piece of work easier to sell, and that is why publishers record labels and agencies these days focus more on its quality.

The problem is, that some topics cannot be covered with typical photo sessions - requiring even more work at both shooting, and the post-production stages. As a result, we have to pay more and wait longer - being dependent on the artist’s vision. We receive a 2D graphic with a limited field of edition.

On the other hand, we have the advanced functionality of fully designed 3D scenery, with an amazing quality of images, no matter how much you need to zoom in or zoom out. Every little detail can change it’s color, size or location - making it possible to re-design the whole scenery within hours.

You can create a whole new city or recreate any known area, combining it with chosen weather or, why not, a pack of wild animals or huge plane just in the middle of the main square.

The same area could be transferred to hundreds of images alone, as a great replacement of (sometimes expensive) photo sessions at a fraction of its price.

Technology stack

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