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360 VR video: Contact lenses in the spotlight

The client needed a virtual reality similation that would be able to show the benefits of using contact lenses in an innovative way. As it turned out, the best solution was to use 360 VR video technology.

In fact, it is a very good idea to promote products through such engaging experiences. In this way, we actually do not promote the products themselves, but rather wonderful moments the users associate with them!

Process and project scope

Behind the scenes of 360 video for VR

Business value

360 degrees of freedom

360 VR video still remains a very popular form of product promotion. It gives users full freedom to enjoy virtual reality and lets them watch videos in many different ways. In addition, this type of application can be easily put online and anyone who would like to experience some adrenaline can download it and watch it even on a Google Cardboard device.

Technology stack

With the eye of a pro

The application, or 360 video, was developed in Unity 3D. The video itself was shot using a set of GoPro cameras.

Visual results video

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