The client is a company derived from game dev. They wanted to create an FPS multiplayer in virtual reality, where the player can practice his fighting tactics against a whole army of bots. The client was looking for a partner who would test the possibilities in this topic.

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VR FPS game R&D


Oculus Rift

Unity 3D

Visual results video



Combat, intelligence, and movement physics

Our client’s challenge was to create a spectrum of bot behavior in games. We focused mainly on combat, intelligence, and movement physics. The final product’s intended format was the proof of concept stage that could help evaluate current opportunities in the area and allow for the planning of possible game scenarios.

Process and project scope


The results of the work were scripts and mechanics that could be very easily implemented in the new game. The project had many variables that were adapted to the current ideas of the client. We see that the set of weapons is clearly defined and the behavior of bots very promising.


It was a very interesting project in terms of customer engagement, which was very large at every stage. The client had very extensive domain knowledge, which greatly facilitated communication and significantly accelerated the work. The client suggested his solutions, also from the code side and very actively verified what had already been done. If it occurred to him, he willingly shared his knowledge and insights. We could define the software development process as a partner.


We agreed with the client on what we wanted to test so that our work was consistent with his plans. Our job included researching the market. We created a list of titles that already had similar solutions. We were interested in technicalities – not the design but the mechanics of the game. After choosing the solutions that the client wanted to implement in his game, we created an arena where we ran tests.


Business value

Round 1: AI vs. Human

Thanks to powerful combination of our knowledge and experience we can implement any changes in a very simple way, to VR game or any other simulation that requires it. The results of our experiments can be seen in the video below.

Technology stack

Amazing Technology Stack

All tests and graphics were prepared for the Unity 3D engine. The game engine was chosen in accordance with the client’s specific needs.


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