Our client specializes in so-called ‘virtual lab’ simulations, where students can work through real-life case stories, interact with lab equipment, perform experiments and learn with theory and quiz questions. They challenged us with creating a highly interactive model of the Bioreactor.

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3D bioreactor model


Unreal Engine


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Business value

A (3D rendered) image is worth a thousand words

Some pieces of equipment are hard to understand by potential clients. Complicated, detailed procedures, many components and eight-inch-thick documentation may lead to confusion.

A properly prepared visualization (3D model) can dispel those doubts, letting the customer examine the device carefully on their own or even – after a little adjustment of an app – discover the variety of its key functionalities.

It’s worth pointing out that such digitalization can be conducted for almost any kind of device – no matter how big or complicated it is. So-called virtual twins are the perfect solution for fitting a variety of heavy and bulky machines in your clients’ pockets, making it possible to showcase how do they work. You can also implement useful data or event direct contact to the seller into the app.

What’s more, the final app works perfectly with any mobile device, making it possible to not only carry a 3D bioreactor in your pocket anytime but also share it with clients easily. All they need to do is just download the app.


To see is to understand

The client needed to create a fully responsive/interactive 3D model of a bioreactor and put it in an environment where the user could freely rotate the model and zoom in/out on the chosen details.

Such a solution is supposed to be used as promotional material presented to other companies. As a simple showcase of the possibilities of creating detailed models of industrial equipment.

Due to this requirement, the 3D bioreactor model had to be of very high quality and – for presentation purposes – the app itself had to be written with mobile operating systems in mind.


Process and project scope



The app contains a single high-quality 3D model of a bioreactor. The user can drag the screen to rotate the camera around the model in the desired direction and can pinch to zoom in on the model. The drag and zoom mechanics are also implemented for a desktop version of the app in case the application was to be presented on a PC.


The Project Manager coordinated both the sprint planning and work of the developer and graphic designer to achieve high-class quality. The client provided our team with a base model, as well as visual references (photos and movies) in order to create a high-quality 3D bioreactor model. The end result was sent to the client for approval.

Technology stack

3D bioreactor was specially created for full compatibility with both the Android and iOS operating systems. The app was developed with Unreal engine, and all the features were created in 3ds Max.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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