Selleo is a company that designs, develops, integrates and maintains customized internet applications for entrepreneurs and SMEs. They create comprehensive, independent e-business and e-commerce systems, Web 2.0 solutions, SaaS products, and business process optimization tools. Focusing on service industries has allowed us to go beyond technology and provide valuable information about the product and business, to actively co-create Internet solutions with our clients.

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IT / Consulting Marketing



Video 360 Virtual tour


Unity 3D


An interactive tour

Client’s expectation was to have an interactive tour around its headquarters created so that all the people interested could learn what the place in which the advanced applications are created looks like, at the same time getting familiar with the key people in the firm.


Process and project scope



Thanks to taking advantage of video 360 technology, we provided users with the possibility to roam freely around the headquarters of the company and moreover, navigate through the key localizations. Would-be customers found out what the meetings looked like and could even hear conversations taking place in the background.


Selleo is very keen to engage in similar actions that show how the company functions, what the organization’s culture looks like and what important activities are performed while working on the premium version of the software.


Openness of the client and the willingness to share knowledge were the key to efficiently carrying out work related to recordings. The scenario was based on typical activities in the company, so everything came out very natural and there was no need to arrange additional activities.

Business value

Selleo’s success

The general aim of the whole trip is not only to familiarise customers with the company itself but also to share the essential information concerning its management and the internal processes which contributed to Selleo’s success.

Technology stack

For the development of this project we used a GoPro camera and the Unity 3D engine. The whole thing took the form of an interactive web application.


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