360 music video - BUKA & RAHIM ft. FOKUS, MASIA

Buka & Rahim ft. Fokus, Masia – representative of the Polish music scene of the RAP genre. Rahim and Fokus were members of legendary polish hip-hop group, Paktofonika.


Buka & Rahim ft. Fokus, Masia


Music industry



360 music video


Video 360

Unity 3D


360 music video

Artists performing modern music often reach for interesting means of expression to give videos a new dimension and to use interesting means of promotion. The challenge was to create a 360 music video that would harmonize with the textual and thematic layers of the artist.

Process and project scope

Artists are the first to use modern technologies!

Business value

Follow the lead


  • Working on the set of the 360 music video is in itself a very interesting and educational experience. Usually, viewers look at what the director wants to show – this time they can look around freely.

  • Promoting your creativity with such a medium certainly has a huge promotional value.

  • It is also a way of occurring not only in the area of music but also people who are passionate about technology.

Technology stack

Amazing technology stack

GoPro camera set, Unity 3D

Visual results video

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