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TiM S.A. is one of the largest importers of grape wines from around the world in the CEE region. The company is one of the very few wine market companies in Poland who take pride in having over 27 years of experience in importing and distributing grape wines.


TiM S.A.


FMCG retail

Alcohol industry


API Design 360° video


Samsung Gear VR

Google Cardboard


Whet people’s appetite for the product

Our client wanted to organize an innovative promotional campaign of cider, covering more than 20 supermarket locations all over Poland. They were not supposed to be standard activities that offer alcohol tasting in the store – they were to use modern technologies to build brand awareness. The entire experience was to be pleasant and… addictive.

Process and project scope

The apple of the customer’s eye

We found, chose, and hired a screenwriter, a director and actors to meet our client’s expectations – one of which was to have real people in the video clips. We also decided on interesting locations in different regions of our country to reach all mature Poles who may like to spend nice afternoons enjoying a glass of delicious cider.

Business value

Drinking in the universe of 360 video

Here is a perfect example of how you can build an advertising campaign that uses virtual reality! It is simply the perfect tool to promote products, brands or various types of services. If you want to keep up with the changing trends, reach new customers and make the name of your brand memorable – these solutions are for you. Thanks to the technologies we used, it was possible for us to meet all of the client’s requirements. And the client… well, they received a truly innovative promotional tool that they could freely duplicate for subsequent devices or made available to the public through dedicated portals.

Technology stack
Visual results gallery
Visual results video

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