Mateusz Mrozek
VR/AR Developer

During my 4 year-long career, I’ve been involved in developing 4 VR/AR applications delivered to companies from all over the world.

What I enjoy in my work is the exciting challenges and finding solutions to them.

In a nutshell


Clients I worked with


Years of experience


Projects completed

My experience and completed projects


Multiplayer VR game which allows you to play paintball with your friends, without leaving your house.

My contributions:

  • developing new features
  • multiplayer synchronization across all players

 Tech Stack: C#, Oculus SDK, Unity, Photon Engine


Application used by patients to help them recover after a stroke through set of simple minigames.

My contributions:

  • project refactor
  • developing new features
  • research on new possible solutions of problems

 Tech Stack: C#, Oculus SDK, Unity

Team of programmers discussing and running a software project


Application allows architects to showcase their design to the client and walk them through it using AR.

My contributions:

  • developing new features
  • optimization of the project

 Tech Stack: C#, ARFoundation, Unity

About me

I am a huge fan of Unity. During my time at university I realized that this engine gives amazing opportunities to create spectacular things. Thanks to our hard work, I and my colleagues made it to the final round of the Polish National Games Competition in 2017. I also feel confident with VR projects. It gives me a lot of satisfaction whenever I see the results of my work.

What motivates me the most? I enjoy challenges that need an extra bit of effort to complete. I like working on complex issues and solving intricate problems. Finding the solutions gives a lot of satisfaction and propels my personal growth. The code I create is always clean and optimized.

I’ve worked on:

  • Natural Instincts – a Steam program simulating animals living in their natural habitat
  • Trivision – an augmented reality application made for visualizing architectural models (available on Google Play and AppStore)
  • AR business card – an app turning a physical business card into an interactive experience using augmented reality (available on Google Play)

I was also responsible for the publishing of applications created for Android and iOS.


My skills
> C#
> Unity
> Stream VR
> Oculus
> ArCore
> ArKit
> ARFoundation

The tools we use

The main tool our team uses is Unity. We have a deep knowledge of that engine.

Tools such as Jira, Everhour and Shortcut are used to manage projects well.
Git, SourceTree and Plastic are our preferred choice for version control.

To communicate with clients we usually use Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and occasionally Skype.


Mateusz Mrozek

VR/AR Developer

Bachelor of Engineering
Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science
The Silesian Technical University
2012 – 2018

Master of Engineering
Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science
The Silesian Technical University
2018 – currently

I do enjoy each day with the team. They’re a group of fantastic and experienced people. Seeing how they deliver solutions keeps me motivated and makes me want to do the same. My team used to consist of 10 people. Now I work more independently, but to be honest I feel comfortable in those two circumstances.

  • Creating mobile applications for Android.
  • Experience with VR
  • Experience with AR