Jakub Miętus
Unity Developer

My journey with programming started in 2020.

Since then I’ve worked on 4 projects and a number of smaller tasks. I use mainly Unity and C# and, to a lesser extent, HTML and JavaScript.

In a nutshell


Clients I worked with


Years of experience


Projects completed

My experience and completed projects

Application for HR/recruiters

A web application designed for managing the recruitment process.

My job: Programmer 

My contributions:

  • coding and code review
  • testing and fixing bugs

Tech stack: C#, Blazor, HTML, CSS, PC

VR dart game

A virtual reality dart game for the Oculus headset.

My job: Unity Developer 

My contributions:

  • implementing new functionalities
  • UI development
  • code review and correcting errors

Tech stack: Unity, C#, Meta (Oculus) Quest 2

Team of programmers discussing and running a software project

Virtual gym app

A virtual reality fitness application.

My job: Unity Developer on this project.

My contributions:

  • coding and code review
  • testing game mechanics
  • UI testing and development
  • fixing bugs

 Tech stack: Unity, C#, Meta (Oculus) Quest 2, HTV Vive


About me

My main job is programming VR applications in Unity and C#. During the last 2 years, I had the chance to work on multiple games, web apps and macros. I’ve managed to gather valuable experience and significantly extend my skillset and knowledge. 

Besides coding, I also enjoy creating 3D graphic designs. My other interests are 3D printing and programming microcontrollers.

My skills
> C#
> Unity
> Git
> JavaScript
> Blazor

The Team

The main tool our team uses is Unity. We have a deep knowledge of that engine.

Tools such as Jira, Everhour and Shortcut are used to manage projects well.
Git, SourceTree and Plastic are our preferred choice for version control.

To communicate with clients we usually use Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and occasionally Skype.


Jakub Miętus

Unity Developer at 4Experience

University of Bielsko-Biała
major: Automatic Control and Robotics
2018 – present

  • Experience in creating multiplayer applications for several users.
  • Creating documentation for the project.
  • Creating various mechanics solutions.
  • Cooperation with companies all over the world.
  • Creation of VR applications for Meta (Oculus) and SteamVR devices.
  • Experience in creating applications for Oculus Store.