VR Pharmacy Lab

Feel the lab vibe as realistically as possible


Beyond the lab coat

The client is a large pharmaceutical company aimed at teaching their laboratory staff how to make appropriate use of new equipment, test tubes and so on – laboratory equipment in general.


Feel the lab vibe as realistically as possible and freely manipulate chemical items

What we were required to do was to create an experience-based training application that would both teach the users and verify their knowledge of doing chemical tests using special analytical hardware. The challenge was to create a fully equipped laboratory with unique hardware based on the client’s tech documents. Another important point was to prepare clear and easy-to-understand learning flow in order to teach players step by step what they should do and how they should use the hardware. At the end, all steps were to be tested and included in a report to further allow the administrators to check the results and improve the entire training course in the future.

Process and Project Scope

Learn how to use inspection hardware and check your knowledge by doing a step-by-step test

Collaboration Model

Since the client is a domain specialist, they know the workflow very well and are aware of the need to conduct training in a safe and controlled environment. Their contribution was necessary for proper and correct development of the application.


We used a typical Agile process with feedback and small changes introduced by the client during development.

On the basis of discussions with the client and their requirements, we prepared a detailed backlog, which was supplemented with several extra features added during the development process. We worked in two-week sprints. At the end of each sprint, the client received a working version of the application, which marked a significant increase in its functionality each time.


The application features first-person navigation. All activities and props are designed to provide the most realistic experience possible. That is why the app presents a hyper-realistic lab room. Apart from that, real-world physics and lights featured in the application make for a truly immersive experience.

The app operates as a virtual trainer who provides users with substantive and valuable knowledge, and the training course ends with an exam. Once the course is completed, a text file containing detailed report data is generated.

This is, in short, what the entire simulation consists in, and the app also features specialist equipment manufactured by the client, which we simulated on a 1:1 basis. In other words, there is a product showcase combined with hands-on training for the employees.

Business Value / Outcome

Trial and error in a safe environment

The application prepared by our team allowed the client to avoid expensive consequences of human errors. Through the use of virtualized inspection hardware, employees can safely learn new skills and check whether they are ready to perform the very same tasks in a real environment.

In a nutshell, the benefits of the app include:


  • Step-by-step learning of how to prepare and use specialized inspection hardware.
  • Professional guidance regarding what to do and how to use all the manipulators and sensors.
  • Once an employee is ready, they can give it a go without assistance, and then check their skills by taking a special exam at the end.


In vitro and in vivo at the same time

The application was prepared in Unreal Engine 4, with the use of C++ and Blueprints. It is specially designed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift devices.