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Leading the way in innovative technologies

Lenovo is a leader in innovative technologies for individual and business users, as well as for large enterprises. Its product range includes computers, workstations, servers and mass storage devices. The company also offers a vast array of mobile products, smartphones and tablets. Apart from all that, they also design Smart Home solutions.


A unique product requires a one-of-a-kind presentation

Here we have an example of creativity that goes beyond the VR realm. The client wanted us to showcase their product in an unusual way. It was very important for them not only to present the unique design of the product but also to provide potential customers with the opportunity to become familiar with the individual elements of the product.

Process and Project Scope

Working with scrupulous attention to detail

The project was supposed to become an entire website, where users would be able to upload a given model, attach arrows to it and use them to take out or animate particular elements as well as add descriptions that would be linked to the arrows.

At the beginning, it was supposed to be a universal solution, but it did not go quite as well as expected in the end, since it turned out that such a solution would require a highly customized approach every single time. And that, in turn, would require a tremendous amount of time and resources.


We created very accurate 3D models of the product and all of its components, taking care of even the smallest of details. This was the major and most important part of the project. We also added an animation that showed the product’s structure and all the individual elements in action. Then, we placed everything in a three-dimensional space. The navigation method we devised is very intuitive for every user. The single inspiring thought that accompanied us throughout the entire project implementation stage was the client’s statement: “A unique product requires a one-of-a-kind presentation.”

Collaboration Model

First of all, we aimed at delivering hyper-realistic graphic design. That is why we had to get acquainted very closely with the device, the 3D model of which we were to showcase. The entire process was subject to a slip control, because we wanted to check whether it could be automated for subsequent products, and how much work it would require.


The effects of our work can be seen on the manufacturer’s website we can freely navigate the three-dimensional model of the device, dig deeper to reveal its smaller parts, and find out technical details of the elements that are of interest to us. Everything is done in the appropriate style, closely matching the style used throughout the corporation, including the modern UI.

Business Value / Outcome

An engaging customer experience is key

A platform that would enable presentation of subsequent products to potential customers in a similar manner turned out to be unprofitable from a business point of view. However, the fact remains that the initial idea was very inspiring, which allowed us to achieve more than satisfactory results. This project is undoubtedly a very intriguing way to promote and show key elements of a given device.


Hyper-realism to the max

The project is basically a web application showcasing a hyper-realistic device model made in 3ds Max.