Mariusz Betker

Unity VR/AR Developer

I’ve been passionate about computers since my early childhood. As of today, I have almost 4 years of experience in programming.

The majority of the projects I work on are AR mobile apps and VR software.

Mariusz Betker, Unity VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

In a nutshell


Clients I worked with


Years of experience


Projects completed

My experience and completed projects

Here are the details of a few projects I’ve worked with as VR/AR Developer.

Augmented Routes AR mobile app

My job: Unity Developer

My contributions:

  • planning the app development
  • creating the UI
  • implementing AR features
  • creating the asset bundle
  • communication with the client

Tech stack: Unity, iOS, Android, ARCore, ARkit, Vuforia

NDA AR mobile app

My job: Unity Developer

My contributions:

  • managing the project
  • creating the UI
  • implementing ARCore/ARkit mechanics
  • displaying objects on the markers

Tech stack: Unity, Android, iOS, Vuforia, ARCore, ARKit

Team of programmers discussing and running a software project

Senopi Mobile/VR app

My job: Unity Developer

My contributions:

  • expanding functionalities of the app
  • multiplayer communication
  • encryption of the content
  • 360-degree video playback
  • saving and loading content
  • backend communication

Tech stack: Unity, Android, Pico VR, Google Daydream

About me

Even as a kid, I loved games and everything related to computers. Whenever there was a problem with a computer, I’d try to solve it myself and wouldn’t give up until I succeeded.

I was positive I would work in the IT industry and that’s exactly what happened. I started as an IT specialist in the municipal library, then I worked in a computer store and finally, I ended up at 4Experience.

This is where I learned Unity and C#. I started as a junior developer but quickly became a mid. My good interpersonal, logical and creative skills are my biggest advantages. I am aiming for further personal development and taking part in new fascinating and successful projects.

My skills
> C#
> Unity                      
> Git
> Visual Studio
> Jira
> ARCore, ARKit
> ARFoundation

The tools we use

The main tool our team uses is Unity. We have a deep knowledge of that engine.

Tools such as Jira, Everhour and Shortcut are used to manage projects well.
Git, SourceTree and Plastic are our preferred choice for version control.

To communicate with clients we usually use Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and occasionally Skype.