Main Areas of VR Production

We support key areas of VR production for training, advertising, medical and entertainment purposes

Yes, we support our clients from the very beginning of our collaboration process. We offer many useful services to understand, test and highlight the potential of your idea before implementation. We provide complex assistance in the field your business functions not only related to virtual reality development.



I have been working with 4Experience Virtual Reality Studio for over a year and have been extremely pleased. They have a very motivated team that is creative and doesn’t let obstacles get in their way. They have helped us tackle some complex issues, tight deadlines and always stepped up to provide great service. They have a high level a technical experience but also understand the importance of smooth user experience.

Gary Haymann

Co-Founder & CEO at NEXREF Technologies

VR Production in Education & Safety


Training and education –  the best-used VR production area that consists of a number of tools to support the development of creativity and learning process. First of all their biggest advantages are safety and immersive, engaging, realistic experience. 4 Experience – VR Studio delivers the most advanced tools to immerse you in virtual reality. Therefore it leads straight to the best results in training and learning. It is also worth to mention that never before training simulations were so realistic and safe, as thanks to VR goggles you can experience the 3d environment by customizable and adaptable hardware with a high quality display.

The development of inspiration and creativity through VR can be achieved if VR products are used for virtual reality training purposes of the following: sales techniques, soft skills, health and safety, operating of machines and equipment, simulation games, and therapeutic programs.

VR Production in Marketing

Virtual reality gives you a best chance to build competitive advantage. Virtual marketing enables the creation of modern tools that are able to shape consumer attitudes and build a strong brand in an engaging way. Popular services related to this sector are also visualizations of real estate, space and products. In this area we can also find 360 video campaigns, which perfectly support marketing activities by discovering new areas of creativity, focus on subjectivity and the “wow!” effect.

VR Production in Medicine


In this sector, VR is used to create innovative tools and training platforms and applications supporting selected areas of medical care. Here are some of its applications:


– Training (surgical simulations and other specialized training)

– Treatment of phobias (simulations take place in a controlled environment, where you can face your fears, practice strategies for coping with stress and prevent schemes to avoid difficult situations).

– Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (simulations allowing to confront the person suffering from PTSD with the problematic environmental situation, action)

– Treatment of pain (burns for instance)

– Treatment of phantom pain (a modern form of mirror therapy)

– Treatment of neurological disorders / post-stroke rehabilitation (applications encouraging patients to physical activity through simple fun are a great tool for rehabilitation)

– Medical Imaging (allows you to create three-dimensional models of organs, analyzing them freely in space and spreading into smaller fragments, to better diagnose the problem)

VR Production in Entertainment

What if not games? VR is mainly used to support:

Cultural and sport events

360 music videos

Event applications

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