Virtual Reality? But I don't need a game..

Simply put, Virtual Reality, is the use of computer technology to simulate a given environment and lacing the user within this generated space. You get a full immersion into the scene instead of the traditional flat display and with the use of custom controllers, you can interact directly with objects in 3D space. Our VR production can meet all requirements.

For virtual reality to be achieved it needs to be interactive, immersive, explorable, or fully believable. Yet as cool sounding as all that is, do we really need it? 

The simple answer is yes we do. VR brings with it a possibility to experience scenarios and situations that would otherwise be difficult to replicate in the real world, from games and entertainment to training simulation, VR allows us to reach beyond the limits of our physical plane. The entire VR production creates what you are looking for, even when it seems impossible!

Train doctors on complex surgical procedures, test components and devices in 3D space, teach history and physics in a more interactive and engaging way to students, all these are just the surface of what virtual reality technology can do. VR production is amazing!

70%+ faster learning

Place the person right in the middle of the action. No additional explanations needed. It's that simple.

50%+ savings

Prepare your whole team by using one training. Muscle memory will help them perform tasks faster.

100% realism

Quit speculations. With our simulation you can actually test your crew reactions in any kind of environment.

Advanced technology

VR gloves, hand trackig, AR glasses .. all this can (and should) be used in the service of the mankind

Why should I even care?
  • VR production can save organizations time and money and make work more convenient. Workers won’t have to travel or have long commutes in order to make decisions and complete projects.
  • Not only is the technology entertaining us but also helps us overcome various real-life challenges
  • VR also opens the door for a virtual marketplace, where shoppers can try on garments or makeup, and complete the whole purchase from the couch.
  • Virtual reality is being taken to the next level with projects such as Oculus, HTC and many others. When matched with their own software development kits or third-party tools like PlayCanvas, Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D, etc., creators can build fantasy or near realistic simulations.
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Wait, I have some questions
Women try out Samsung Gear VR devices during a showcase at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
Training simulations may include the necessity of wearing protective equipment (i.e. safety harness, hook, goggles, etc.) and showing the consequences of a lack of security for an employee in the event of a dangerous situation or accident. They may also include an explanation of how to move around the workplace, transport materials, or operate certain machines and devices if they are related to employee safety.
Such a virtual dangerous situation or a virtual accident effect the future behavior of the employee rather than a book or even a movie (which both are the common practice during health and safety training). Finally, simulating accidents during work and the consequences of accidents leaves a lasting impression in the employee’s psyche and can permanently affect the change in human behavior
Industrial AR is a technology that makes it possible to better control machines and devices in a company, and carry out maintenance works efficiently, even if they are to be done by less experienced staff. A worker equipped with a tablet or a cell phone can scan a selected device and obtain information on any resulting irregularities, as well as receive instructions on how to carry out necessary repairs.
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