Virtual Reality? But I don't need a game..

Let us present you a slightly different point of view. Virtual reality not only offers alternative forms of access to threatened locations, it does also recreate historical experiences and provide virtual access to remote locations you might not make it to otherwise. The technology can allow potential tourists to “test” the experience of being in a destination without leaving home. This will especially help smaller and less well-known places, as travelers can observe what each destination has to offer.

Did you know that museums and other cultural institutions can profit from implementing VR as well? The technology has some unique traits - like, the ability to create a true first-person perspective. This could be a gmae changer when creating a new exhibit, which could place visitor up in the sky or below the undergrowth. VR has also the ability to overcome physical constraints of even the smallest gallery, showing objects at their real scale. 

Storytelling potential

Tell a story by blending the real and the virtual space. Drawn your visitors right into the experience by the addition of spatial audio or surround sound.

No more complains

VR s a priceless tool for scheduling trips, letting your customers actually see their destinations all over the world and compare them without ever leaving your office.

Build engagement

Virtual reality is fun, no matter if you're six or sixty. Win the hearts of your customers with a one simply device and it's huge possibilities. And yes, we're speaking from our experience.

Close at hand

Everyone and their mobile devices loves Augmented Reality solutions. Apps are portable, lightweight and fully compatible with any OS. Interactive guides are the best!

Why should I even care?
  • VR has the potential to enhance museum exhibits. It allows to bring subjects to life and change the perspective of the viewer.
  • It can create lasting records of otherwise temporary experiences. People are able to continue enjoying the exhibition despite the fact the physical collection no longer exists.
  • Travel and hospitality firms are able to showcase destinations and accommodations., including interiors, views or surroundings
  • Most importantly, VR experiences are available in any language needed - now you can spread your simulation or app worldwide!
Our projects in this area
Wait, I have some questions
Women try out Samsung Gear VR devices during a showcase at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
Training simulations may include the necessity of wearing protective equipment (i.e. safety harness, hook, goggles, etc.) and showing the consequences of a lack of security for an employee in the event of a dangerous situation or accident. They may also include an explanation of how to move around the workplace, transport materials, or operate certain machines and devices if they are related to employee safety.
Such a virtual dangerous situation or a virtual accident effect the future behavior of the employee rather than a book or even a movie (which both are the common practice during health and safety training). Finally, simulating accidents during work and the consequences of accidents leaves a lasting impression in the employee’s psyche and can permanently affect the change in human behavior
Industrial AR is a technology that makes it possible to better control machines and devices in a company, and carry out maintenance works efficiently, even if they are to be done by less experienced staff. A worker equipped with a tablet or a cell phone can scan a selected device and obtain information on any resulting irregularities, as well as receive instructions on how to carry out necessary repairs.
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