Jacek Ross

Senior VR/AR Developer

I develop and maintain VR/AR apps created in Unity.

I’ve created multiple VR games for the HTC headset in the past. My other accomplishments include writing several books about programming and creating Unity games. 

Major projects completed

Years of experience

Jacek Ross, Senior VR/AR Developer at 4Experience

My skills and achievements


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As a Unity developer, I’ve created several games and applications including Steam and Android games.

Extensive experience and the ability to share knowledge are my main advantages. I am focused on cooperation and creating the highest quality code.

Throughout my career path, I have worked as a Developer, Team Leader and QA Team Leader. This allowed me to develop many skills useful in teamwork and communication with the client.



Master’s degree at Silesian University of Technology – System Programming

Postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Katowice – Company Management

I share my knowledge and passion for programming. Here are the titles of some of the books that I have written so far:

Unity and C #. Fundamentals of game programming.

Unity and C #. Game programming practice.

Unity to start! Programming for teens.

Safe programming. Hacker-resistant applications.

LEGO Microgame. Fundamentals of game programming in Unity.

I also have extended expertise in:

  • cooperation with companies all over the world
  • experience in creating multiplayer applications for several users
  • designing applications based on innovative solutions (e.g. image scanning and recognition, face scanning)
  • creating documentation for the project
  • creating various mechanics solutions
  • supporting and mentoring younger developers
  • creating projects architecture
  • managing game’s released on Steam

Insights into some of my projects

Lemuria: Lost in Space

Lemuria: Lost in Space is a great game full of surprises and mysteries. It combines point-and-click mechanics with an RPG adventure. Made for PCs and Virtual Reality, it was published in 2017 and is available on Steam.

My contributions:

  • implementing features
  • creating project architecture
  • helping game designers develop game scenes
  • managing game’s release on Steam

Tech stack: Unity, C#, Steam, VR, HTC Vive.

Abrix The Robot

Puzzle game for PC and Android.

My contributions:

  • implementing features
  • creating project architecture
  • implementing new versions and ports for new platforms
  • managing game’s release on Steam and on Google Play.

Tech stack: Unity, C#, Steam, Playfab, Android, Google Play.

Business Training VR Application

This project is in progress. It’s a business-training application set up in a VR environment. The software allows for the cooperation of up to 7 team members.

My contributions:

  • implementing new features
  • creating project architecture
  • support and mentoring to junior developers

Tech stack: Unity, C#, Photon Engine, Meta Quest 2