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Leveraging VR to Transform Medical ResearchLive Webinar & QA

30th May 2023, 8:00 AM PDT
                                     11:00 AM EDT 

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4Experience #chillcorner

Michał Gadzinowski

  • Overcoming limited resources: VR solutions that empower assistants to conduct intuitive diagnostics, reducing the burden on specialists and costs.
  • Eliminating errors and subjectivity: Discover how VR technology ensures precise and objective results in diagnostics, along with streamlined reporting.

Patryk Lach

  • Engaging rehabilitation methods: Explore immersive VR techniques that make stroke rehabilitation attractive to patients while providing control and data-driven progress monitoring.
  • Expanding knowledge: Join us to delve into the latest research on the impact of immersive technologies in advancing neurology and clinical understanding.

Interesting statistics


Cedars-Sinai Hospital has found that a VR experience can reduce pain by 24% or more. Often, virtual reality treatment can reduce or remove the need for pharmaceutical therapies.

Boy with VR headset

According to St George’s Hospital, all patients that had the option to use VR goggles before and during their operation in a hospital in London reported an overall better experience.


According to ScienceSoft, VR software can decrease fatigue scores by 47% and anxiety levels by 13%.

Accenture reports that 84% of health executives agree that it’s important for their organization to leverage XR solutions to close the gap of physical distance when engaging with employees and customers.

What our clients say about us

Close up doctor putting gloves on

I was pleased with 4Experience’s project management. They were extremely open, professional, and responsive. Robert was organized and diligent. We used Jira and Confluence as project management tools. To communicate with 4Experience, we used Google Meet and Discord.


I was most impressed by 4Experience’s design skills. They created a functional product based on my idea and were able to recognize issues early on and design around them.

Neurologist at a nonprofit academic hospital (USA).

There are two things that I’m most impressed with. Firstly, they finished the project even earlier than expected. Secondly, we were a bit worried when there was a change in the Project Manager position during the development process, but it was perfectly organized and so smooth that we didn’t even feel the difference.


Overall they did a great job, and we will be happy to work with them in the future as we plan to develop this software further.

Robert Wessells, Associate Professor at Wayne State University

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