Augmented Reality Player

AR Player is a solution that enables us to quickly deliver your custom branded apps

Popular applications

Events for sponsors


Promote your brand by engaging potential clients to participate in a simple benefit activities

Fair booth presentations


Show how your product looks and works in a virtual remote environment



Let the visitor experience the creative vision of your art

Product showrooms


Let your clients add a personal touch to your product by quickly customising it in AR

Dealer support


Save time & resources by supporting your sales staff with AR solution

Content type

Product Configuration


Impress your clients with the ability to customise your product at the spot

Architectural Presentations


Help your clients better understand how your product or service feels inside a specific space

Augmented Tours


Augment your exhibition or museum with interactive digital & context aware virtual content

Augmented Trivia Games


Engage clients with simple gaming tasks

Augmented Reality Drawing


Express your spatial creativity with an intuitive input tool

Mixed Reality


Combining Virtual Reality projection with Augmented Reality input

Supported Platforms

Tablets & Phones


most popular device type to consume augmented reality

Gear VR


the first Smartphone based googles that introduced custom orientation sensors (Gyroscope & Accelerometer)

Google Cardboard


or any other googles that enable the user to experience immersive 3D content on a Smartphone.


Main features


  • online & offline content support
  • whitelabel


Distribution / Publication


  • through Oculus Store, Apple Store, Google Play
  • or delivered exclusively for a specific device


Realisation time


  • simple build in 48h
  • advanced build within a one week’s time

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