Author: Marcin Tomaszek

hybrid reality virtual reality microsoft hololens

Yes yes, I know what you are thinking: what the hell is hybrid reality? Well, the more common name is mixed reality but ‘hybrid’ sounds just more “wow!” isn’t it? . INTERACTION . I just like the phrase, that hybrid reality is human, computer, and environment interaction set on the whole new level. It is also, undoubtedly, a sign of our times when even the boundaries between the virtual...

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Everyone heard about EVE: Valkyria where you are an elite space fighter pilot, but there are many games that should turn our attention too. Many of them are ‘early-access’ games so it means that in a short time we will receive very interesting titles.   RAW Data   Raw Data is a first person action game, can choose one of two characters - firearms Bishop or cyber-ninja Saija....

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This is not a message for people who work every day with VR, because they certainly are aware of that fact. These things should be obvious to them. What things? That we can not judge VR worlds (and experiences) without being inside them. Why is that?   When we are working on games or other programs dedicated to VR, this work is not different from a typical...

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